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Clay sporting the CD Island Vintage Ringer Tee and the Beard On FlexFit Hat by Pacific Headwear at Galveston Beach.

Clay sporting the CD Island Vintage Ringer Tee and the Beard On FlexFit Hat by Pacific Headwear at Galveston Beach.

"I would put our products up against any other beard care products on the market. Yes, even the ones you use. Forget what you think you know about how effective beard care can be and try ours just once. I guarantee you’ll switch for good." -Clay Paschal

A little over 4 years ago, Clay decided to start his own business. With an eclectic collection of both life and professional experiences including a Christian upbringing, an inevitable rebellious stage, a return to roots, the earning of a degree in performing arts, a professional acting career, trips to Oahu, Maui, Punta Cana and Cozumel, learning to surf, becoming a certified scuba diver, a short-lived digital photography adventure, multiple graphic design classes and even a couple of years of light construction work, he decided to combine his artful side and his love of working with his hands. He launched Clayton’s Digs, LLC and immediately began creating and selling handmade custom oak coasters and custom bottle-opener boards using a cool new photo transfer technique. He sold the items on his self-designed website, Etsy and Amazon, as well as leasing booth space in mercantile style stores to give people a physical place to purchase his ‘digs’.

Having always sported facial hair, including everything from a tight goatee to a full beard, Clay had been using beard oils from various companies. Not being particularly fond of any of the scents being offered or the fact that most of them stayed on the surface as an oily, greasy mess, he decided to put his creativity to work once again. After creating and using what is now known as CD Signature Beard Oil (which initially took about 6 months to create), and after many curious parties inquiring about what he used on his beard, he decided to offer the oil on his website (which was then called and it was an instant hit. In fact, the oil sold better than anything else on the site. The lightbulb went on in his head, more products were developed and released and Clayton’s Digs became CD Premium Beard Care which then became CD Beard Company. And as they say, the rest is history.

We know we've created superior products, and we take a lot of pride in that. If all you want to get out of your beard care products is something that smells good, then you don't need to worry. There are tons of those now. They should probably just call that stuff "beard cologne" though. If you want your beard care products to actually work; if you want them to actually address real issues like beard itch, dry skin resulting in beard dandruff, oily skin resulting in breakouts, ingrown hairs or any number of other problems, and if you want them to absorb properly without sitting on the surface as an oily and greasy mess, you will not find a better line of beard care than CD Beard Company products. That's the good news. The better news? Ours also smells amazing, and we offer multiple scents so that we’ll almost certainly have one you'll love.

Our beard care is handmade in small batches in the Lake Texoma area of North Texas as well as in McKinney, Texas. CD offers all-natural beard oils, beard balms, beard washes and styling waxes, as well as static-eliminating sandalwood combs and boar bristle brushes. We also offer an ever-growing line of apparel which includes premium tees and hats. If you love the beach and the ocean as much as we do, you’ll love our apparel.

Aside from the hand-crafted and all-natural aspect, all of our beard care products contain only the highest quality carrier oils, essential oils, nutrient-rich oils, body butters and locally-sourced bees waxes, all of which are extracted in the most effective and responsible manner. Eliminate beard itch, beard dandruff, oily skin and hair, bumps and irritation and experience a softer, stronger, healthier beard and face. The oils can even replace any lotion or moisturizer you currently use and the washes are gentle enough and effective enough to replace your shampoo, conditioner and face soap in a single bottle that will actually shorten your daily shower routine!

The Signature line is the flagship line and has the spice and citrus aroma of the Caribbean. Aloha is the next step up and has the crisp and clean ocean breeze aroma of a day or night on the Hawaiian Islands. Black Tie is the ultimate beard care experience and has a cologne-style scent of sandalwood, citrus and a hint of real Devils River Whiskey creating an aroma reminiscent of our favorite cocktail, the timeless and classic Old Fashioned.

You won't find a better lineup of beard care products anywhere in the world. Made in Texas and inspired by the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Hawaii and wherever else the experience takes us, you can be confident that no other beard care products will work as well as ours; we guarantee it. Improve your situation, and beard on.

Clay with some bothers from other mothers in the Caribbean sporting the Beard On Patriot Shirts.

Clay with some bothers from other mothers in the Caribbean sporting the Beard On Patriot Shirts.