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Mustache Wax: The Ins and Outs

Clayton Paschal2 Comments

No matter which way you wanna rock your stache, when you’re looking for a mustache wax, the first question you need to ask yourself is “What do I want my mustache wax to do?” The answer to that question will guide you the rest of the way in your search.

A lot of guys think they want the stiffest, stickiest thing they can find. If your mustache is long and you want to shape it like a circus ringmaster, then you’d probably be correct. You will most likely want the stiffest, hardest, stickiest, most-difficult-to-deal-with-and-apply mustache wax you can find. And I assure you, it’s out there.

However, if that’s not your goal, you may want to re-think your position on stiff and sticky. Most dudes think they want that until they use it for a while. When the novelty of having a cartoon mustache wears off, you’re left with a hard, crispy LEGO mustache that, for me, isn’t worth the trouble unless you’re planning on auditioning for the part of one of Neil Patrick Harris’s mustache shop employees in A Million Ways To Die In The West: The Yee-Haw Sequel.

Basically, the main reason to use a mustache wax is two-fold. First, you probably want to stop eating it as a side dish to every meal, and secondly, you just want to be able to control the way it lays. You can achieve both of these things with a good, solid beeswax-based wax. That being said, not all of these types of waxes are created equal. The ratio of beeswax to other ingredients and what those other ingredients are both play major roles in the wax’s effectiveness and wearability. CD Stache Wax provides a perfect balance between shaping/controlling and conditioning/moisturizing. It gives your stache enough shape and style without leaving it crispy or sticky.

Another thing I want to address before I get out of here is a question that’s been asked more than a few times. Some of the more refined and experienced bearders are sporting a whiter beard and mustache. It happens. They often ask, “Do you have a mustache wax that won’t stain my mustache yellow?” CD Stache Wax does not stain. If you’ve used a mustache wax that has stained your mustache, it’s got to do with one of the things I mentioned a minute ago - ingredients. CD Stache Wax, like all of our other products, is 100% natural. My guess is the wax that stained your stache had some kind of resin or petroleum-based ingredient that caused the discoloration of the white hairs.

The last thing I’ll bring up is the convenience of reapplying. Our mustache waxes are in simple lip balm tubes instead of pop-top or slide-top tins. It always made more sense to me. It’s easy to carry in your pocket, and it’s super easy to reapply when needed. You just roll up the wax the same way you would with lip balm, press firmly against your stache and slide it across to clump it in, then use your fingers to melt and distribute it evenly as you shape your stache. Easy peasy.

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