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Beard Oil Isn't Just For Big Beards

Clayton PaschalComment

Probably the number one comment I hear from men who don't use proper products on their facial hair is "I don't have enough beard for that." My aim in writing this is to clear up that misconception.

First of all, a good beard oil isn't just for your beard; it's also for your face. The skin on your face is different, more delicate and sensitive than your scalp. Yes you too, tough guy. So the shampoo you bought for the hair on your head that you think is also fine for your beard is not doing you any favors. A good beard wash is not only formulated for the thick, course hair that grows out of your face but also for the mistreated and often neglected skin underneath it and all around it. The same goes for beard oils, beard balms, beard butters and mustache waxes.

The point is, since these products are as much for your face as they are for your beard, even the shortest, tightest kept corporate beard or goatee can benefit from regular use of a good beard oil. Knowing and understanding that, let me explain to you how to pick a good one.

One of the keys to a good beard care product is its being 100% natural. That's not a hippie thing. It's not a fad. It isn't a pretentious statement being made. It's just a simple fact. When companies add synthetic fragrances or other chemicals to a blend of something that goes on your face, the product literally defeats its own purpose. It will end up drying out your skin and hair and could even cause irritations or reactions, which is the exact opposite of what you're trying to do with a proper beard care product.

So, just keep these few things in mind when you’re looking for a solid beard care product:

1. Make sure it’s 100% natural. Look for things in the ingredients like “fragrance” or “preservative”. If you see that, you should probably put it down and keep looking.

2. Look for specific ingredients you WANT to be in there like vitamin E and good carrier oils like coconut, argan, castor, grapeseed, almond, jojoba and others. Look for “organic” or “natural”. These are all good things.

3. Open it up. Look at it. Smell it. Make sure you like the way it looks and smells. You’re going to be putting it on your face every day. You should like everything about it.

I made sure that I followed my own strict guidelines when I developed all of the CD products that we sell. I use nothing but the best to make nothing but the best. It’s apparent when you see it, it’s apparent when you smell it and it’s even more apparent when you use it. I expect nothing less from something I put on my face every day, and I know you do as well. I take great pride in what I’ve created, so you can take great pride in being a CD customer. And you don’t have to have a huge beard to benefit from using my products.

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