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Beard Oil - Don’t Let The Name Fool You, It's Not Just For Beards

Clayton PaschalComment
Signature, Aloha and Black Tie beard oils.

Signature, Aloha and Black Tie beard oils.

Hey y’all, I’m gonna let you in on a not-so-little secret - having an epic beard isn’t the only use for beard oil. Bearded men know this, but why shouldn’t everyone else? In this blog post, I’ll break it down for you list style.

  1. Shaving. Yes, you can use beard oil as shaving oil. You will get an incredibly close and comfortable shave without razor burn or bumps. Just keep in mind, the oil could clog your blade head more than usual if you use a multi-blade razor, so you’ll have to rinse those out more frequently during a shave. I’d recommend using a single blade safety razor or if you’ve got skills, a straight edge.
  2. Skin Moisturizing. Beard oil makes lotion seem like a joke. It’s more penetrating, more absorbing and if blended well, more nurturing to your skin, and all without clogging your pores. And it isn’t just for men either. Women in the know use beard oil to moisturize their legs and nether regions after a shave because not only is it moisturizing but many of the essential oils promote healing to reduce razor burn and/or razor bumps and ingrown hairs.
  3. Minor Wound Healing. Certain beard oils can have incredible healing properties. Our Aloha line works better for me on cuts and scrapes than Neosporin. Fact.
  4. Hair Conditioning. This seems like it should be a no-brainer because it’s one of the main reasons to use a beard oil on your beard, but it doesn’t just work on facial hair. If it will soften and condition thick, course facial hair, what do you think it’ll do for the hair on your head? Exactly.
  5. Acne Control. Wait, what? Using oil can help remedy my oily complexion? Yuuup. Many essential oils can aid in controlling oily skin conditions. Every blend we sell can help with this aspect.
  6. Insect Repellent. Mosquitoes hate over half of the essential oils we use in all of our blends. Fact.
  7. Mood Leveling and Enhancing. This is where we get into some hippie-dippie territory, but history doesn’t lie. Many essential oils are calming or empowering or can be pretty potent aphrodisiacs. People have been using them for centuries for these reasons, and beard oil is no different. Natural beard oils get their scent from the essential oil blend used in the mixture, and we kept this in mind when creating our blends. Put on some Aloha or Signature and relax like you're sitting on the beach sipping on a mojito. Put on some Black Tie, conquer the world and then try to keep your girl away.

This list could go on and on and on. The point is, don’t be discouraged from using beard oil by the fact that it's marketed toward bearded men. My girlfriend is the most feminine and girly girl I think I’ve ever met. She uses Aloha and Signature oils as a post shave oil, she uses them in her hair as leave-in conditioners, she uses the balms after leg shaves in the winter for a little extra skin protection and she uses the beard washes as her conditioner after using her toning shampoo. She swears by these things; says she’s never used anything that works as well. Step outside the box that advertisers have created for you and try some of our products for whatever you can think of that you might need them for. The sky is the limit. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.