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Sorting Out The Beard Game

Clayton PaschalComment

While beards are nothing new, the popularity and mainstream acceptance of the beard is. Beards are everywhere, and many companies are now even accepting beards in the workplace. So naturally, beard products are becoming more popular. The upward trend lends to more people talking about beards and beard care products, and to more people asking what’s good and what’s not and what works and what doesn’t.

Trends are great because they continuously propel us forward, and the more popular something gets, the more we learn about it and the more we improve upon it. We don’t make beard products just to capitalize on the trend, we make them because no matter what kind of facial hair you sport, we know our products will improve the appearance and health of not just your facial hair, but also your face. And based on our personal experience with other products on the market, and based on all of the feedback we’ve gotten for the last 4 1/2 years, we are confident in saying ours are some of the best you’re ever going to find.

One important thing that I think people need to understand about the beard game is that there are a lot of people out there talking about it with a lot of different levels of knowledge of what the products are and what they can do for you. You need to be knowledgeable yourself so that you can sort through it all.

On the surface, beard oil seems simple - a few carrier oils, some essential oils and boom, you have a beard oil. But just like everything else, it’s not exactly that simple. There are several things to consider when formulating any kind of beard product. There are a ridiculous amount of essential oils and carrier oils out there. Where did the essential oils you’re using come from? Where did the carrier oils come from? How were they extracted? Did you even use a true essential oil or absolute in your blend, or did you use a synthetic fragrance?

Here’s what I know after all of my years of research and development. All-natural beard products work better and have better long-term effects than products that contain synthetics and chemicals in their recipes. A good beard care product is, in reality, a skin care product. It just so happens that it also has positive effects on any type of hair, including your beard. Our skin and hair understands what natural ingredients are when we apply them topically and sucks them up like a Sham-Wow, benefiting from their attributes. A lot of the problem with chemical-based products is that they either don’t absorb properly or the chemicals in them dry out the oily residue that won’t absorb, and in the process, dry out your skin and hair. So, your choices are to be greasy and oily or dry as a bone. These are both poor choices.

There are a lot of people who understand that, but there’s a step further that many don’t consider. Even among the all-natural products, there are different levels of quality. One fractionated coconut oil will not perform exactly the same as another, even though they’re both technically fractionated coconut oil. The same goes for all other carriers and all of the essentials and absolutes. I find that it’s the same as any other industry in that regard. Take the lumber industry for instance. Pine is pine, right? Well, no. There’s premium grade, finish grade, standard grade and industrial grade pine. There’s appearance grade, construction grade, stud grade... the point is, simply reading a label that has all the right words on it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the highest quality ingredients.

I wanted to say all of that to build up to this simple point: you get what you pay for. That has always been true, it remains true today and it will be true after you and I are gone. If all you want to get out of your beard products is something that smells good and makes your beard soft, the sky’s the limit. You can spend almost any amount of money you choose, all the way down to about $10 per ounce of beard oil, and probably achieve a decent smelling, relatively soft beard. If you’re looking for more, you’ll have to pay more because it costs more to make a more effective product. For things like promoting healthier skin, promoting a stronger, fuller and less patchy beard, minimizing ingrown hairs, minimizing signs of aging, addressing the symptoms of conditions like psoriasis and eczema and even things like improving your mood, you are going to have to get into a higher level of product. That’s what I’ve spent years developing, and that’s what we offer at CD Beard Company - think department store brand as opposed to grocery store brand.

The bottom line is this: just be clear about what you’re looking for and what you’re expecting from the product before you spend even a dime of your money on beard care because to me, spending $30 or $40 or even $50 or $60 on an exceptional product that works better and lasts longer, and actually improves your skin and hair over time, is most definitely a better option than spending $10 or $15 on something that is never going to do what I want it to do. That is precisely why our tagline is “Improve your situation.”

I’ve always said, “You keep loving it, I’ll keep making it.” Thanks for believing in CD and continuing to buy what we feel is the best stuff out there. You’re the ones keeping it going, and I truly appreciate that.

Clay Paschal, Founder/Owner/Operator
CD Beard Company

Beard Oil - Don’t Let The Name Fool You, It's Not Just For Beards

Clayton PaschalComment
Signature, Aloha and Black Tie beard oils.

Signature, Aloha and Black Tie beard oils.

Hey y’all, I’m gonna let you in on a not-so-little secret - having an epic beard isn’t the only use for beard oil. Bearded men know this, but why shouldn’t everyone else? In this blog post, I’ll break it down for you list style.

  1. Shaving. Yes, you can use beard oil as shaving oil. You will get an incredibly close and comfortable shave without razor burn or bumps. Just keep in mind, the oil could clog your blade head more than usual if you use a multi-blade razor, so you’ll have to rinse those out more frequently during a shave. I’d recommend using a single blade safety razor or if you’ve got skills, a straight edge.
  2. Skin Moisturizing. Beard oil makes lotion seem like a joke. It’s more penetrating, more absorbing and if blended well, more nurturing to your skin, and all without clogging your pores. And it isn’t just for men either. Women in the know use beard oil to moisturize their legs and nether regions after a shave because not only is it moisturizing but many of the essential oils promote healing to reduce razor burn and/or razor bumps and ingrown hairs.
  3. Minor Wound Healing. Certain beard oils can have incredible healing properties. Our Aloha line works better for me on cuts and scrapes than Neosporin. Fact.
  4. Hair Conditioning. This seems like it should be a no-brainer because it’s one of the main reasons to use a beard oil on your beard, but it doesn’t just work on facial hair. If it will soften and condition thick, course facial hair, what do you think it’ll do for the hair on your head? Exactly.
  5. Acne Control. Wait, what? Using oil can help remedy my oily complexion? Yuuup. Many essential oils can aid in controlling oily skin conditions. Every blend we sell can help with this aspect.
  6. Insect Repellent. Mosquitoes hate over half of the essential oils we use in all of our blends. Fact.
  7. Mood Leveling and Enhancing. This is where we get into some hippie-dippie territory, but history doesn’t lie. Many essential oils are calming or empowering or can be pretty potent aphrodisiacs. People have been using them for centuries for these reasons, and beard oil is no different. Natural beard oils get their scent from the essential oil blend used in the mixture, and we kept this in mind when creating our blends. Put on some Aloha or Signature and relax like you're sitting on the beach sipping on a mojito. Put on some Black Tie, conquer the world and then try to keep your girl away.

This list could go on and on and on. The point is, don’t be discouraged from using beard oil by the fact that it's marketed toward bearded men. My girlfriend is the most feminine and girly girl I think I’ve ever met. She uses Aloha and Signature oils as a post shave oil, she uses them in her hair as leave-in conditioners, she uses the balms after leg shaves in the winter for a little extra skin protection and she uses the beard washes as her conditioner after using her toning shampoo. She swears by these things; says she’s never used anything that works as well. Step outside the box that advertisers have created for you and try some of our products for whatever you can think of that you might need them for. The sky is the limit. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Beard Products by CD Beard Company: Why Are They Better?

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Products Galveston Beach.jpg

At CD Beard Company, we understand that the scent of a beard care product is an important aspect, but it isn’t the most important. It isn’t even the 2nd or 3rd most important.

Softening the beard is important. A softer beard is a huge advantage for several reasons. First of all, a softer beard is going to be relaxed and lay better. It will also be easier to control. Secondly, no women I know likes getting rashes on their faces (or elsewhere) because of their skin rubbing or brushing against their man's course, scratchy beard. There are multiple other reasons, but the last one I'll touch on here is the fact that a softer beard means less irritated skin on your face.

The ability of the product to fully absorb and not sit on the surface as an oily or greasy mess is important. There are a lot of beard products out there. Trust me, I get it. I used a LOT of them before I started making it, and there are probably twice as many now as there were then. It's no secret that a vast majority of them aren't great, even if they've paid publications to say they are. They leave your beard oily or greasy which ends up on your shirt, or someone else's shirt, or God knows where else. There are a few reasons for that. One reason has to do with the quality of ingredients. Instead of concerning ourselves with the cost of the carrier oils we're using, we should worry more about the quality of those oils. Where were they sourced? How? By whom? Another major reason a product may not absorb properly has to do with the recipe and the ratios of ingredients used in the blend. It's more important than a lot of companies think it is.

Eliminating beard itch and beard dandruff or any other dry skin issues are important. This is another aspect of beard care that has to do with quality and ratios of ingredients used, but this also has a lot to do with what those ingredients are and which essential oils are being used. We put a lot of focus on this aspect of our creations because these are concerns that are very common and very important among men with beards (and without) when they're choosing a beard care product.

Helping to minimize or eliminate breakouts, ingrown hairs or oily skin is important. It's a misconception that using beard oil is counterproductive to oily skin conditions. It's quite the opposite actually. When the right combination of carrier oils and essential oils are used in a beard oil recipe, it can actually combat oily skin and breakouts. Australian Sandalwood, Bay, Bergamot, Patchouli, Rosemary and Lime essential oils are all oils that we use in our blends that help improve oily or acne-prone skin.

This is probably where the importance of scent comes in. Our products smell fantastic, but our scents are subtle - not overbearing or obnoxious. Nobody wants to be the "cologne guy" that makes everyone choke when he walks into a room, and smelling like food is just not cool so we should probably try to stop making our beards smell like cookies, cake and pie.

All of the aspects discussed in this blog are some of the things that cause our new customers to throw away any products they may have been using before and come back for more of ours, which turns them into long-term, loyal CD customers. We’re pretty confident that you won’t find better beard care products anywhere, and that’s precisely why we love to make them. We’re proud of what we’ve created, and that same pride will continue to be the backbone of everything we do.

CD Beard Co.

Mustache Wax: The Ins and Outs

Clayton Paschal2 Comments

No matter which way you wanna rock your stache, when you’re looking for a mustache wax, the first question you need to ask yourself is “What do I want my mustache wax to do?” The answer to that question will guide you the rest of the way in your search.

A lot of guys think they want the stiffest, stickiest thing they can find. If your mustache is long and you want to shape it like a circus ringmaster, then you’d probably be correct. You will most likely want the stiffest, hardest, stickiest, most-difficult-to-deal-with-and-apply mustache wax you can find. And I assure you, it’s out there.

However, if that’s not your goal, you may want to re-think your position on stiff and sticky. Most dudes think they want that until they use it for a while. When the novelty of having a cartoon mustache wears off, you’re left with a hard, crispy LEGO mustache that, for me, isn’t worth the trouble unless you’re planning on auditioning for the part of one of Neil Patrick Harris’s mustache shop employees in A Million Ways To Die In The West: The Yee-Haw Sequel.

Basically, the main reason to use a mustache wax is two-fold. First, you probably want to stop eating it as a side dish to every meal, and secondly, you just want to be able to control the way it lays. You can achieve both of these things with a good, solid beeswax-based wax. That being said, not all of these types of waxes are created equal. The ratio of beeswax to other ingredients and what those other ingredients are both play major roles in the wax’s effectiveness and wearability. CD Stache Wax provides a perfect balance between shaping/controlling and conditioning/moisturizing. It gives your stache enough shape and style without leaving it crispy or sticky.

Another thing I want to address before I get out of here is a question that’s been asked more than a few times. Some of the more refined and experienced bearders are sporting a whiter beard and mustache. It happens. They often ask, “Do you have a mustache wax that won’t stain my mustache yellow?” CD Stache Wax does not stain. If you’ve used a mustache wax that has stained your mustache, it’s got to do with one of the things I mentioned a minute ago - ingredients. CD Stache Wax, like all of our other products, is 100% natural. My guess is the wax that stained your stache had some kind of resin or petroleum-based ingredient that caused the discoloration of the white hairs.

The last thing I’ll bring up is the convenience of reapplying. Our mustache waxes are in simple lip balm tubes instead of pop-top or slide-top tins. It always made more sense to me. It’s easy to carry in your pocket, and it’s super easy to reapply when needed. You just roll up the wax the same way you would with lip balm, press firmly against your stache and slide it across to clump it in, then use your fingers to melt and distribute it evenly as you shape your stache. Easy peasy.

CD Beard Co.

Beard Oil Isn't Just For Big Beards

Clayton PaschalComment

Probably the number one comment I hear from men who don't use proper products on their facial hair is "I don't have enough beard for that." My aim in writing this is to clear up that misconception.

First of all, a good beard oil isn't just for your beard; it's also for your face. The skin on your face is different, more delicate and sensitive than your scalp. Yes you too, tough guy. So the shampoo you bought for the hair on your head that you think is also fine for your beard is not doing you any favors. A good beard wash is not only formulated for the thick, course hair that grows out of your face but also for the mistreated and often neglected skin underneath it and all around it. The same goes for beard oils, beard balms, beard butters and mustache waxes.

The point is, since these products are as much for your face as they are for your beard, even the shortest, tightest kept corporate beard or goatee can benefit from regular use of a good beard oil. Knowing and understanding that, let me explain to you how to pick a good one.

One of the keys to a good beard care product is its being 100% natural. That's not a hippie thing. It's not a fad. It isn't a pretentious statement being made. It's just a simple fact. When companies add synthetic fragrances or other chemicals to a blend of something that goes on your face, the product literally defeats its own purpose. It will end up drying out your skin and hair and could even cause irritations or reactions, which is the exact opposite of what you're trying to do with a proper beard care product.

So, just keep these few things in mind when you’re looking for a solid beard care product:

1. Make sure it’s 100% natural. Look for things in the ingredients like “fragrance” or “preservative”. If you see that, you should probably put it down and keep looking.

2. Look for specific ingredients you WANT to be in there like vitamin E and good carrier oils like coconut, argan, castor, grapeseed, almond, jojoba and others. Look for “organic” or “natural”. These are all good things.

3. Open it up. Look at it. Smell it. Make sure you like the way it looks and smells. You’re going to be putting it on your face every day. You should like everything about it.

I made sure that I followed my own strict guidelines when I developed all of the CD products that we sell. I use nothing but the best to make nothing but the best. It’s apparent when you see it, it’s apparent when you smell it and it’s even more apparent when you use it. I expect nothing less from something I put on my face every day, and I know you do as well. I take great pride in what I’ve created, so you can take great pride in being a CD customer. And you don’t have to have a huge beard to benefit from using my products.

CD Beard Co.